Bennie - DFW Beagle Buddy

On Christmas Eve, Bennie started acting strange. I noticed he was drooling, seemed distracted, and wasn’t responding. Before I knew it, he was in a full on seizure. He was convulsing, hypersalivating, paddling, the whole bit. He’s never had any seizures before so it came as quite a surprise to me. He had another seizure about 45 minutes later and I ended up bringing him into Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield. His temperature was 105.8 on presentation! They gave him some injections that calmed him down and recommended hospitalization. He stayed overnight and luckily did not have any more seizures. He is stable now; on fluids and Phenobarbital injections. They said he most likely has Epilepsy. It should be easily regulated with daily medication, so it shouldn’t have much of an effect on his daily life. He will hopefully be going home tonight. If you can help donate to cover some of the cost of Bennie’s treatment, it would be very much appreciated. The cost of the emergency visit is $500 and he will need more labwork in 2 weeks. If you are able to help, please use the ‘Donate’ button at the top of the page and put ‘Bennie’s ER visit’ in the memo. Thank you!

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