Volunteer & Become a Foster

We always need foster homes!
Fostering is an incredibly rewarding, life-saving experience.

There are many times we are unable to rescue a dog from a shelter without first finding a foster home.

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What is a foster home?

A foster home is intended to be a loving environment that prepares the adoptable Beagle for their forever home. Fosters help acclimate the dog to home life, provide the dog with love and attention, and teach basic training commands. Fosters get to know the dog and help us find the perfect match for them!

Will fostering a Beagle cost me money?

All medical expenses for the foster Beagle are paid by DFW Beagle Buddies. If prescription food or special supplies are needed for your foster dog, DFW Beagle Buddies will provide those as well.

Do I have to take the dog to adoption events?

No giving up your weekends needed! We market our dogs online and rarely do in-person adoption events.

Do I need to live in Dallas-Fort Worth?

Yes, we do need fosters to live in the DFW Metroplex so that we can arrange vet visits efficiently.

What is my role in the adoption process?

Once an adopter has an approved application, we will put you in contact with them so you can discuss the Beagle with them and see if the dog is a good match for them. We will work with you, the adopter, and other volunteers (if needed) to coordinate a home visit for the adopter. We typically have the Beagle stay with the adopter on a trial visit for about a week to make sure they are a good fit for the family. You are welcome to keep in as much contact with the adopter as you would like, but no follow-up is required if you prefer not to.

Become a Foster!

Get the details about what to expect and then fill out the Foster Application.
Being a foster can save a life, thank you!

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Not quite sure about fostering?

We’re here to help through the entire process! Please ask us if you have any questions or want to know more. Our Beagle Buddy Samantha wrote what fostering means to her. Click the button below to read what she says about it.

Puppy kisses are the best!

We love our volunteers!

While our primary need is fostering, volunteers can help in a number of ways. They can help pull Beagles from the shelter or transport them to vet appointments or adopters. They can also help with home visits for potential adopters. If you’re unable to foster or adopt but still want to help, please feel free to contact us to discuss how you can get involved!

If you haven’t worked with rescue dogs before, you are in for a wonderful experience. The Beagles are so thankful to be out of the shelter environment and will certainly express their gratitude to you in many ways – like kisses and asking for belly rubs!

Contact us below to find out where we need the most help right now. Thank you!