Foster Information & Responsibilities

Please take a look at these guidelines and let us know if you have any questions.

We are there to support you whenever necessary throughout your role of fostering. Every dog is different, and so is every foster experience!

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  • Keep a collar and DFW BB tag on them at all times. If you bathe them, put it back on immediately.
  • Bring the dog into your home, realizing this may be the first time in a home. They may be afraid of new sounds, dishwasher, TV, vacuum, etc. Don’t shy away from trying to behave normally unless they really appear traumatized by something. Give them 3-4 days to get acclimated to your home with no visitors or extra activities. After that, you can take them with you somewhere or have people over, etc.
  • Potty training – act like they are a brand new puppy and take them out hourly at first, after they eat, when they wake up, etc. to get them started on the right track. PRAISE THEM!
  • Do not leave them outdoors unattended, even in a fenced yard, if no one is home. Furthermore, it is a VERY good idea to stay with them in the backyard – especially until you know they are not prone to digging. A Beagle can dig out of a yard in less than 5 minutes!
  • The purpose of a foster home is to prepare the dog for a forever home, so think of what you expect from a pet. It is our goal that foster dogs will learn how to come, sit, stay, and know what “off” and “leave it” mean. (This may not happen in every case – but please try to work with them!)
  • If you do not have children or grandchildren, please make a point to see how your foster acts around children.
  • If you notice any quirks or traits about your foster, please let us know! (Likes cats, doesn’t like his tail touched, won’t potty on leash, has separation anxiety, etc.)
  • The adoption fee is $300 for adults and $400 for puppies under 6 months unless otherwise specified. This includes spay/neuter, vaccines, heartworm testing/treatment, fecal test, microchipping with registration. Every adopter must fill out an Adoption Application.
  • If something medical comes up with your foster dog, let us know and we will schedule an appointment with our vet. Please do not take your foster dog to another vet unless you feed it is a life-threatening emergency. We need all the Beagles to see our vet for consistency and keeping records straight as well as because they give us a rescue discount. We are generally not able to reimburse fosters for vet expenses incurred at non-approved facilities (except in cases of dire emergency.)
  • Your foster Beagle will damage or destroy something in your home if given the opportunity to. Please read, re-read, and fully understand this statement. While not all dogs are destructive, these are shelter dogs with unknown backgrounds and those concerned with valuables in their homes need to take precautions and make sure their foster is not going to damage anything. You may be very surprised at the things they can damage – walls, doors, baseboards, couches, carpet, etc. Please crate or safely enclose your foster Beagle indoors until you are certain they can be left in your home unattended. We are not responsible for any damages to your home or belongings.

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