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Thank you for visiting our adoptable dogs page! You will find bios and photos below for each of the dogs we have available. You may also want to check out our Facebook Page, as sometimes we post photos of dogs there that are “coming soon” but haven’t made it to the website yet. We get new Beagles in often, so please go ahead and fill out the application even if you don’t see a Beagle you’re interested in quite yet. We look forward to helping you find the perfect family member!


Dogs Available For Adoption
Age: 7 years
Breed: Beagle
Sex: Female
Spayed / Neutered: Spayed
Special Needs:

Hypothyroidism, Epilepsy - treated with phenobarbital and levothyroxine twice daily
Eats prescription food - Royal Canin Urinary SO

If you’d like to meet Caitlyn, please apply here!
Age: 7 years
Breed: Beagle
Sex: Male
Spayed / Neutered: Neutered
Special Needs:

Gilbert takes thyroid medication twice a day. He also has mild arthritis in his hips that requires occasional pain medication.

If you’d like to meet Gilbert, please apply here!