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Beagle Bio

Wyatt was rescued from the Garland shelter in January 2013. He was making progress in his foster home and had been getting better each day, but after a month and a half in foster care there was an incident with his foster. He was always a bit fear aggressive (growling when you came near, tried to bite when you picked him up) but on this particular occasion his foster mom bent down to kiss him (which he viewed as threatening) and he bit her in the face to the extent that she almost needed surgery.

We moved him to another foster home and mulled over what to do for a week and a half. We had a professional canine behaviorist evaluate him and his prognosis was quite grim. He had severe resource guarding issues, handling issues, and trust issues. The behaviorist actually said, “the only way I can be sure this dog will not bite again is if he’s not breathing.” Sadly, no amount of training or time would have rehabilitated Wyatt to the point where people would be safe around him, so we made the difficult decision to put him to sleep on February 28, 2013.

I’m confident it was the right decision for everyone involved, including sweet Wyatt. He was such a gorgeous boy and I wish that we could have done more for him, but at least he knew love in the short time he was with us and he will no longer have to live a life of fear. Run free, sweet boy. You were very loved with us.

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