Jack – Adopted –




2 years








Beagle Bio

Jack was adopted July 22, 2013! He is enjoying his new home and loves to run and play with his sister Mojo.

His bio: Jack is a very easy going, laid back 2-3 year old male beagle. He is happy to lay next to you or your chair while you watch TV or work on your computer. He loves to be around people and will follow you around the house wherever you go. And when Jack walks by you will probably get a love lick on your foot/ankle, just to let you know here’s there. He gets along with every dog we’ve come across so far. And there have been plenty of times I’ve seen him cleaning the cats ears for him. He LOVES walks and going to the dog park but isn’t one to just hang out in the backyard. He does his business and then is back to the door ready to come in. He knows his name, ‘come’ and ‘no’ very well, but we’re still working on ‘sit’ and ‘down.’ He knows ‘no’ so well that he doesn’t eat something on the floor if we tell him no – shocking for a beagle. He is also house broken. We tried putting him in the guest bathroom with our other dogs at night (ours get into things at night when I leave them out) but he did not enjoy that. Since then he has slept in his bed next to our bed and he’s done perfectly. He is a wonderful, well-behaved dog that would be a great addition into any family with dogs, cats and children. He is vaccinated, neutered, and heartworm negative.

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