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Forever in Our Hearts


2 years








Beagle Bio

Dixie, along with her wonderful foster family, fought very hard against what we initially thought was a nasty URI but turned out to be Distemper. We tried multiple medications and even an experimental injection for immune system support. In the end, neurologic signs developed and she began to have seizures and was no longer able to walk.

As much as we hoped she would be a survivor, we knew she was suffering and had to let her go. DFW Beagle Buddies would like to extend our deepest thanks and condolences to her foster family. They took in Dixie as their own and never once faltered in their love and support for her, even when faced with such a scary and unpredictable illness in a dog they barely knew. Dixie was very lucky to have their support in her last days and while we’re so sad she’s gone, we’re happy that she was able to be very loved and as comfortable as possible in her last days. We’ll never forget this beautiful girl or how much she LOVED her chicken medallions, even until the very end.

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