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5 months


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Beagle Bio

Scrappy-Doo was born into our rescue to mama Mystery Machine on February 17, 2016. He was the littlest of all the Mystery puppies and was not eating on his own. His foster mom knew it was against the odds for him to survive, but she tube fed him to give him a chance. He had an unknown injury to his tail when he was 3 days old (we think Mama may have accidentally hurt him) and the end of his tail died off, leaving an adorable little nub. He also developed hydrocephalus due to an accidental fall, which thankfully resolved on its own with no ill effects. He continued being tube-fed the first 4 weeks of his life until he was finally able to eat puppy mush on his own. He exceeded all expectations and thrived! He was a normal happy, playful, mischievous, active, loving puppy. He hit 2 months and got his first vaccines (and his very first collar!) He hit 3, 4, even 5 months! He loved to play ball, chew on sticks, snuggle, and give kisses. His foster family lovingly referred to him as “Dooder.” Unfortunately and quite suddenly on July 28th, Scrappy-Doo became lethargic and began having diarrhea. He was rushed to the emergency hospital and every measure was taken, but he sadly passed a few hours later. A necropsy was performed and it was found that all of his organs were abnormal and that he basically just outgrew his little wonky body. We are devastated by his loss, especially after he had come so far, but are so blessed to have wonderful memories of our precious little Scrappy Dooder.

His foster mom says:

Scrappy Dooder

“The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

This baby tree was just an acorn in our yard that sprouted several months ago. We planted it in a small container, not expecting much but trying nonetheless. We thought it was surely a goner when Scrappy grabbed it by the leaves and drug it into the yard, pulling off every last leaf and leaving just a glorified twig in an old cotton candy tub. Still, we kept trying – and the leaves slowly came back. Much like our Dooder, this tree is resilient. Today we had a little ceremony to give it a proper pot and to honor Dooder by spreading some of his ashes in the soil. We miss him terribly, but getting to see this silly little tree every day reminds me of the good times and that there are always better days ahead.

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