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14 years








Beagle Bio

Charlotte was adopted August 17, 2014! Her family says: “Princess Charlotte (as we call her) is settling in nicely and everyone gets along great! She is quite mischievous! That’s the lid to our bathroom trash can around her neck LOL! She also loves a good walk, and eyes my every move in the kitchen. This girl likes to eat! I am amazed every day by how smart she is. She has figured out how to open the food container, did I mention she likes to eat? And when all else fails, she lies beneath the treat jar looking cute, again with the eating 🙂 She is so sweet and even when she gets into something I can’t get mad because she looks at you with that adorable face, how can I get angry??? We are really loving her. She’s a doll!”

Her bio: Gorgeous Charlotte is a 14 year old lady who was surrendered with two other senior siblings to the shelter by her previous owner. You would never know she has such a sad story though – she is a very happy girl! She spends most of her time trotting around wearing her million-dollar smile. She’s an inquisitive gal and is always checking things out around her – no squirrel goes unseen! Of course, she’s a gold-medal napper too – and she sleeps HARD! 🙂 She likes to cuddle and gets along great with other dogs. She’s a no-maintenance gal who goes with the flow. She would make a wonderful family dog and is a lovely companion. She’s in good health – current on vaccines, heartworm negative, spayed, microchipped, and had a recent dental.

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