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Forever in Our Hearts


4 months








Beagle Bio

We’re so sad to share that our little Bonnie had to be put to sleep May 28, 2013. It was over a week since her brother Clyde had to be let go, and we were starting to feel encouraged that her tremors didn’t seem to be progressing. That morning it was obvious that the tremors had gotten worse and were just too much for her. The happiness that has always exuded from her was gone, and it was clear that she was suffering. We are completely heartbroken for the loss of both her and her brother. It seems senseless that they fought so hard against neglect, emaciation, parasites, and mange just to come down with Distemper and not make it. One thing is for sure – they were incredibly loved by their foster mom as well as all of you wonderful Beagle Buddies and the short time they spent with us was worth every moment of heartache that has followed their departure. We’re glad that they’re together again and can only imagine how much fun they’re having romping around at the rainbow bridge.

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