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Adoption Pending


6 months


Beagle Mix





Wheatley Crossed Paws

Beagle Bio

Wheatley is a ~6 month old Beagle/Hound mix who weighs 34lbs. She is an active, playful, mischievous girl with an equal love of cuddling and running around the backyard howling like a banshee. She is all puppy and will need a patient home willing to continue training her to be the good girl we know she will become! She loves to play and does well with other dogs, especially active ones who don’t get annoyed by her playful nature. She enjoys all kinds of toys and really loves shredding stuffed ones (and your couch pillows if you aren’t careful!) She came to us after being hit by a car and aside from a few scars and a little limp, you’d never know it! She is vaccinated, heartworm negative, spayed, and microchipped. Because of her size, vocalness, and joie de vivre, Wheatley would do best in a house with a fenced yard and another dog to play with. While she is friendly with humans of all ages, she is hyper and could easily knock small kiddos down. She would love a home with a jogging buddy or lots of exercise! She will need to be kept in a crate or in a puppy-proof room when unsupervised until she can be trusted to distinguish toys from sofas. ☺️ If you’d like to meet Wheatley, please apply at www.dfwbeaglebuddies.org/adopt. Once approved, we can arrange a trial visit to ensure you’re ready for all the fun, excitement, and love that Wheatley brings with her!

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