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2.5 years


Beagle/Terrier Mix





Stanley 3

Beagle Bio

***Stanley was adopted from Shelter2Rescue Coalition.***

Stanley is a young beagle terrier mix at 2-1/2 years old. He enjoys staying at home and playing tug of war, sniffing out all sorts of things on walks and in the back yard. Although he doesn’t like the crate, he will go to it willingly to eat his food or if led to it. He may look like a large dog, but he is medium in size and weighs only 35 lbs.

He is great at alerting you when guests arrive or packages are delivered. He enjoys naps during the day so if you work from home, he doesn’t disturb you much. Stanley has a fierce loyalty to his family and is quick to be your shadow most of the time. He thrives in a low key home that has a backyard with easy access. It would benefit him to take slow walks around the neighborhood as he likes to get to know his environment. He is also a good partner if you decide to hike, run, or do some High Intensity Interval Training.

Stanley is potty trained and walks well enough on a leash, until he sees a squirrel or a cat. Comes with the trait of being a beagle. He is super smart and knows, sit, stay, down, wait, come, touch, paw.

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