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12 years







Mr. Magoo

Beagle Bio

Mr. Magoo was rescued from the Fort Worth shelter. He was thought to be around 12 years old, and had multiple issues working against him. His eyes were bulging and cloudy, his teeth were in terrible shape, he seemed painful when walking, and had hair loss. We addressed his eyes first and actually got a pretty good report on those, but when we took him to the primary care vet to address the teeth it was discovered that he had terrible spinal issues – possibly cancer; definitely painful. That coupled with pneumothorax led us to the difficult decision to release him from his suffering.

He spent his final days in a loving foster home alongside DFW BB alums Farley and Barnum and forever foster Colonel Sanders. Even though he was with us for only a short time, he was very loved and will surely be missed.

His foster mom says, “I figured that I would be his hospice home, but I never thought it would be for only a few nights. He was getting the hang of moving around the house and yard. He was like a Roomba. He’d bump into something with his head and then just automatically turn and keep moving. He tried out all of the dog beds in the house. His favorite was Farley’s. Farley didn’t fuss about it. I miss the little old guy. He was a wonderfully sweet, patient, and lovely dog. I wish I had known him longer.”

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