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Forever in Our Hearts


10 years








Beagle Bio

Ginger was rescued from the Fort Worth shelter on August 7, 2013. We knew she was older and had some health concerns, but her vet visit on August 9th revealed that they were much more severe than we anticipated. She had a fever, anemia, pneumonia, spondylosis (spine degeneration), skin issues, and end-stage hip degeneration. Her problems contradicted each other – the hip joint was completely gone, causing her great pain; however, anti-inflammatories would not provide enough relief and steroids would exacerbate her pneumonia.

After seeing the results of her labwork and x-rays, we made the difficult decision to put Ginger to sleep. We are so sad that we couldn’t have given her more time, but she was in an enormous amount of pain and discomfort. Sometimes, you have to love them enough to do what is best for them by letting them go. So we had to say goodbye to Ginger, who we hope knew love and peace in her tragically short time with us.

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