Fitzgerald – Adopted –




8 weeks as of 6/20/13








Beagle Bio

Fitzgerald was adopted September 6, 2013 by a family with another Beagle, Winston, for Fitz to play with. He is very spoiled and has absolutely found his forever home!

His bio: Fitzgerald is 8 weeks old as of June 20, 2013. Fitz is the biggest boy and most active. He loves to play and is definitely the leader of the pack. He has no problem telling you when he wants your attention. We took in his pregnant mama, Jackie O, from a shelter, so we do not know who the dad is. Mama possibly has a touch of Basset, but is mostly (if not all) Beagle. The puppies do appear to be mostly (if not all) Beagle, but there is no way to know for sure. He can go to his new home on a foster-to-adopt basis now and the adoption will be finalized at 16 weeks when he is neutered.
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