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Adoption Pending


8 years







Special Needs

IVDD (currently non-problematic)


Beagle Bio

Hi! My name is Fiona, I’m around 8 years old, and I’m what you call a rescue success story. I was found wandering the countryside out in Wise County. My foster mom suspects I was a puppy mill breeding dog who was dumped when I stopped producing, although there’s no way to know for sure. What they did know was that I was not in good health. I had heartworm disease, was unspayed, and had mammary tumors. The Beagle Buddies took me in believing that I would be what they call a “forever foster” – a dog that would live out the rest of her life with them due to health issues. I got to see the vet a lot and have a lot of tests. Even though it was risky, they decided to schedule me for surgery to get me spayed and remove those tumors. My foster mom worried about me the whole day-but I came through like a trooper. The most amazing thing was, when they got my results from the specialists, those big old tumors turned out to be benign! Boy, was everyone surprised. That meant that I was cleared to start heartworm treatment. I did that in November 2022 and I’ve been getting stronger and sassier every day. I’ve also had my vaccines and been microchipped. I do still need a dental surgery as well as a lypoma (a benign, non harmful fatty tumor) on my belly removed, but we will need to wait until my heart has recovered from the heartworms. This can take around 9 months. It was also discovered that I have something called IVDD, intervertebral disc disease. This is common in beagles and is similar to when a human gets a herniated disc. It currently does not bother me, but we can’t guarantee that it won’t someday. Special care should be taken with me, such as not allowing me to jump on and off furniture. I am very good about using my stairs to get on the bed (you bet I sleep with my foster mom!) and couch. I’m not quite as good about using them to get down, but I do it sometimes if I don’t forget. Many dogs live to old age without any problems from IVDD, but any potential adopter should understand that the possibility of it flaring up-and even requiring surgery-is there.
As far as my personality, I am the most loving dog you’ll ever meet. I love to curl up next to my people. If they’re not available, I like to sleep next to my canine sister, too. I’m also really into food! You have to watch me because even though I’m on the smaller side (20 pounds or so), I can counter surf like a dog twice my size. I like to go on walks and I don’t pull on my leash. I’m very good in the car and just sleep or look out the window. I’ve gotten pretty good with my potty training, but I still have the occasional accident if I get distracted and don’t make it to the doggy door in time, or if I’m left in my kennel too long. Speaking of kennels, I’m crate trained! I do need to go in a kennel when no one is home because I’ll seek out food… or anything I think might be food, like Kleenex, toilet paper, and (my foster mom is sighing as she writes this) dirty underwear. Hey, I had a rough start in life, I have SEEN some things, don’t judge me.
So…what do you think? Are you the very special person who might like to adopt me? I will reward you with so much love and a few kisses, too.

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