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7 weeks as of 3/25/17


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Earl Grey

Beagle Bio

Earl Grey was officially adopted June 11, 2017, though he has been with his family since he was 8 weeks old. Now known as Mason, he joins canine siblings Akula and Joey Bag O’ Freckles.

Earl Grey

His bio: Earl Grey and the Pups of Tea were born to Mama Jasmine on February 4, 2017. Just 8 days prior, Jasmine came to us from Louisiana after being found as a stray. We’re not sure what breed Dad was, but think he may have been a Boxer or Boxer mix based on the puppies’ color and appearance. We are guessing the puppies will grow to be around 30-40lbs. Her 6 Pups of Tea (3 boys and 3 girls) are growing up fast and are active, playful, fun, adventurous little kiddos. They may go to their new homes on a foster-to-adopt basis beginning at 8 weeks, and the rescue will continue to take care of their veterinary care (including all 3 rounds of vaccines) until they are spayed/neutered at 16 weeks. They will be started on heartworm preventative, parasite-free, and microchipped. They are looking for patient, loving homes with plenty of time to train them to be good little Beagles. An ideal puppy adoptive home has no children under 5, another dog to play with, and a fenced yard.

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