Dolly Parton – Adopted –




9 years







Special Needs

Needs thyroid medication and weight management.

Dolly Parton

Beagle Bio

Dolly Parton was adopted July 1, 2014 by her awesome foster mom. They were definitely meant for each other – just look at the silliness! 🙂

Her bio: Dolly Parton is a 9 year old girl who’s just a little more to love! She came to us at 40lb with terrible skin and weight issues, but has since been receiving thyroid medication and is doing very well. She has a “permafrown” that tends to make her look serious all the time – but she is quite a silly, playful girl! She gets along well with other dogs and loves to play with them or just by herself. She will even gently throw toys up in the air for herself! 🙂 She is a low-maintenance gal who would love to have someone to lay around on the couch with.

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