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Forever in Our Hearts


13 years








Beagle Bio

Chula was a ~13 year old girl who came to us from the Central Texas Humane Society. She was a small, strong-willed, and independent! Her face made her look grumpy, but she really wasn’t (unless you tried to pick her up and she didn’t want you to!) She LOVED tennis balls and even chased them around from time to time! Most days, she passed the time licking the floor. That’s right. Licking the floor. We figured that it made her happy and she was older and wiser than us anyway, so why question it? She had an old injury to her pelvis that made her walk funny and have less control of her back legs. It also made her incontinent as far as urinating or defecating went, so we kept her comfortable as long as we could. She spent 6 months in her forever foster home and crossed the rainbow bridge on November 22, 2019.

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