Chocolate Chip – Adopted –




8 weeks as of 2/22/16


Beagle Mix





Chocolate Chip

Beagle Bio

Chocolate Chip was adopted July 1, 2016! He has a canine sister named Lily in his new home and a human sister, too!

Chocolate Chip is a tri-colored male. He is playful, happy, and ready to learn how to be a good, obedient puppy!

The Cookie Puppies were born into our rescue on December 28, 2015. Their mama, Sugar, was rescued from the Huntsville about 2 weeks before she gave birth. We’re not sure what breed Dad was, but think he may have been a Lab or Lab mix based on the puppies’ color and appearance. We are guessing the puppies will grow to be around 40lbs. They will go to their new homes on a foster-to-adopt basis beginning at 8 weeks (2/22/16), and the rescue will continue to take care of their veterinary care (including all 3 rounds of vaccines) until they are spayed/neutered at 16 weeks. They will be started on heartworm preventative, parasite-free, and microchipped.

An ideal puppy adoptive home has no children under 5, another dog to play with, and previous dog training experience. (Nothing is set in stone, though – so please feel free to apply even if not all of those apply to your family.)

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