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Caitlyn was adopted August 30, 2019! She is now a spoiled only child!
Her bio: Meet Caitlyn! This sweet, chubby, 7-year-old gal is the sweetest cuddle bug you’ll ever hope to meet. Her favorite spot is curled up next to you on the couch! She enjoys walks and playing with her foster brothers and sisters, and loves to play fetch for a few minutes every day. She is doing great in foster care despite coming to us from the shelter with several ailments – the poor girl was dealing with pneumonia, bladder stones/infection, and an ear infection! Thankfully, she had surgery to remove her bladder stones and a full dental cleaning. We soon found out that she was also epileptic and hypothyroid, but she has been doing fabulously on medication for both of those conditions. She is down to 36lbs (from 44!) Her medications are inexpensive and she happily takes them in a pill pocket. She also loves eating the special food that helps keep her urinary tract healthy! Her medications are less than $30/month and her food costs about $20/month, so the cost is very manageable! If you have any questions about her health or medications, please don’t hesitate to ask!
If you’re looking for a silly, calm, friendly gal, look no further than Caitlyn! She may need a couple medications a day but will pay you back completely in love, laughs, and dog kisses!

Status: Adopted

Age: 7 years
Breed: Beagle
Sex: Female
Spayed / Neutered: Spayed
Special Needs:

Takes phenobarbital for Epilepsy and levothyroxine for her thyroid twice daily; eats Royal Canin Urinary SO prescription food