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Forever Fosters









Special Needs

Takes thyroid medication 2x/day
Eats k/d food
HW+ (undergoing treatment)


Beagle Bio

Bonny is a total sweetheart. She is a little shy at first, but once she warms up to you, she loves head and ear scratches as well as belly rubs. She does sleep a lot during the day, but when she is awake, she loves exploring outside and sniffs everything. She will also get a case of the zoomies about once a day, and runs around the house like a puppy. It is so cute! She has a quirky personality and will definitely make you smile. She is crate trained and house trained with a doggie door, but does occasionally have accidents. She gets along with other dogs and would do fine with older children (she’s never been aggressive, but doesn’t like quick movements she’s not expecting.) She loves sleeping on a dog bed or in her crate. Bonny is around 13 years old. She takes thyroid medication twice a day in a pill pocket and thinks it’s a treat! She is on prescription kidney food for early kidney disease and is heartworm positive. Because of her age and other health issues, treatment is not recommended and she just takes monthly HW prevention. If you’d like to give Bonny a retirement home, please apply at!

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