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2 years







Special Needs



Beagle Bio

Beaujolais was adopted October 24, 2017! He loves playing with his new canine brother, Kip!


His bio: Beaujolais aka Beau is an energetic 2 year old blue tick beagle who is looking for a family to match his energy!  Beau is mostly house-trained and is working on that in his foster home.  Beau is crated during the day and exhibits no signs of of separation anxiety.  Beau loves to play!  If he’s awake, he’s playing.  He loves tug-of-war, chase, squeaky toys, stealing his foster mom’s socks (clean or dirty – doesn’t matter), and snuggling.  He can be quite vocal at times and has quite the loud voice, ranging from little yips while running to full on beagle bay.  He is 100% unafraid of his older and extremely grumpy beagle foster sister and has never met another dog he didn’t like.  He’s excellent with small children.  His foster mom is working on his leash manners. Beau would do well in a house with a yard for him to run and play.  He would do best in a home with other playful dogs and/or a home with people dedicated to providing him the exercise he needs. He is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, vaccinated, and heartworm negative.

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