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3 years








Beagle Bio

Barkley was adopted May 23, 2013! His new dad sent us this update: “I will forever be grateful to you for providing me with the most wonderful, fog-horn barking dog on the face of the planet. We’re a perfect fit for each other and I couldn’t be happier. He’s been an absolute angel so far and has a wonderful personality.” YAY for Barkley and his new dad!

His bio: Barkley is a country boy that is learning how to be a city boy. Barkley is a very happy go lucky guy! He wags his tail almost all the time (when he’s super happy, he does full body wags!) and has a huge smile on his face. He isn’t afraid to *arrooooo* to let you know how happy he is to see you or to play with you or that he needs to go outside or that he’s coming to you after you have called his name or that there is a squirrel or a bird or a cat in the yard or on the other side of the fence. He gets along well with the dogs and loves to play with them, especially Kobe (I think they have the “I got sprung from jail too” bond). He has a really good temperment and good manners, and is really eager to please. He loves to play outside, but he also loves to just lie in the sun on the grass and contemplate whatever it is that beagles contemplate or stare at a spot in a tree where he saw a squirrel or bird. He is also quite a cuddlebug and loves to get his belly rubbed. He also is very generous with his kisses. He sleeps well in the crate at night and when left “free range” – nothing destroyed and no accidents in the house. He is housetrained. Barkley likes to check out the perimeter of the yard, and he likes to dig. He is very scent oriented so he can tell if a cat has been too near the yard. He saw a cat out of the window in the fence and started digging under the fence to get to the cat. When caught in the act, he immediately stopped and came over wagging his tail proudly with his big smile – all I did was say “Barkley, what are you doing?” When he went out the next several times, he went over and checked out where he was digging and started back up. After about 5 times, he lost interest in that spot. He can be very persistent. But fortunately, he is easy to re-direct. He is going to need a very very secure fence. ll that said, he is pretty much an insta-dog. He is going to need to go to someone who knows that beagles follow their noses.

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