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Harlie is a a spunky, high energy 18-month-old puppy who loves to run and play. She is crate trained and has gone through basic obedience classes. She loves snuggle time and belly rubs. She can be a bit of a barker when she get excited so she would not do well as an apartment dog… Read more

Tobie is a ~9 year old male who came to us from the Tri-City shelter. He had a wound from a dog bite on his neck, so he had to wear shirts to protect it so he couldn’t scratch it. It healed up beautifully and now he’s able to go au natural. He is a… Read more

Meet Caitlyn! This sweet, chubby, 7-year-old gal is the sweetest cuddle bug you’ll ever hope to meet. Her favorite spot is curled up next to you on the couch! She enjoys walks and playing with her foster brothers and sisters, and loves to play fetch for a few minutes every day. She is doing great… Read more

Gilbert is a handsome, gentle, friendly guy. He is great with kids and other dogs. He loves to go on walks, car rides, and any other adventures! He is usually quiet except for when he sees a squirrel or it’s time to eat – those are the only times he has something to say. His… Read more