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Adoption Pending

Roscoe is such a sweet and cuddly boy! This 7 year old gentleman came to us when his owner fell ill and was no longer able to care for him. He is a loyal companion and all he wants in life is a person to spend time with. He would love for someone to be… Read more

Sylvie is a gorgeous and unique lilac Beagle. She is a timid but sweet girl. She takes a bit of time to warm up to you, but loves to get belly rubs and lay near you once she knows she can trust you. She is good with other dogs and likes to play on occasion… Read more

Citron is a happy, energetic and playful 3 1/2 year old Lemon girl. She is pretty easy-going and loves to explore. When she first arrived at her foster home, she was quite overweight and round. Thanks to a healthy diet and plenty of exercise, she is now at a healthy weight and enjoying life! Her… Read more

This sweet young lady is rather shy and reserved around new people when she first meets them but warms up quickly as she gets to know you. Many things seem to be new experiences for her such as the feel of grass under her feet, outdoor noises, and doggie toys. When she warms up to… Read more

Phil Donahue and the Talk Show Pups were born on August 29, 2019. Mama Sally Jessy Raphael was rescued from Dallas Animal Services and started having her pups only 8 hours later! She had 7 healthy babies – 5 girls and 2 boys. The puppies are Beagle mixes and at this point we believe they… Read more