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Fresh Pups of Bel-Air

“Now this is a story all about how Beagle Buddies got flipped turned upside down And I’d like to take a minute, so just sit right there I’ll tell you how we ended up with the Fresh Pups of Bel Air In West DFW, born and raised At the shelter is where I spend most… Read More

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, Beagle Buddies! While we’re always thankful for our fosters, adopters, donors, and volunteers, we’re extra grateful for our 50th adoption of the year today! We hope you have a great day with friends and family (and Beagles!)… Read More

Happy 4th Birthday, Beagle Buddies!

Happy 4th Birthday Beagle Buddies!

4 years ago today, DFW Beagle Buddies began by rescuing our first dog, Deuce, from Arlington Animal Services. Since then, we have rescued over 250 dogs, including the 50 smiling faces you see here that were rescued this year. Thank you to everyone who has helped us save these wonderful Beagles… Read More

What’s New?

Open Streets with DFW Beagle Buddies

Hi y’all! While it’s been far too long since we’ve posted to our website, we are still hard at work rescuing Beagles in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We’re much better about updating our Facebook, but we’ll try to be better about updating this page as well. :) We recently participated in the 2015 St. Paddy’s… Read More

WANTED: Foster homes!

We are in desperate need of foster homes! There are so many precious Beagles sitting in shelters waiting for our help as we type this. Old, young, big, small, male, female… every type of Beagle! We are only able to rescue dogs that we have a willing foster home for. Fostering is easy – there… Read More